About Our Service

    1. Online and offline products library

    Sellersunion Online has selected 15,000 daily necessities suppliers which have deep cooperation with our company, and 500.000 products for global customers. We also own 8,000 square meters of offline exhibition hall in Yiwu and Ningbo, showing more than 100,000 kinds of products, manned with an operation and maintenance team of 70 people to ensure the competitiveness of online and offline products library.

    2. Integrated foreign trade service

    Sellersunion Online can provide chain-type platform service for global trade purchasers, including the general trade, agent purchasing, purchasing translation, product inspection, international logistics, trade financing, credit insurance and so on. In addition to the basic trade services, Sellersunion Online also provides products website agent service. We can provide products library of Sellsunion Online for global traders and customized exclusive products website free for customers, so that customers can take advantages of the rich products on Sellersunion Online to expand their business.

    3. Extending Service

    Sellers Union Group owns self-supporting companies of freight logistics and tourism service. Except for providing trade services, we can also offer some freight logistics services of booking space, chartering ships, clearance of goods and customs clearance as well as some international tourism services customized for customers who need.