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    Product Exhibition Hall

    Our group has product exhibition halls in Ningbo and Yiwu operation centers, including consumer goods and professional products exhibition halls. The professional products exhibition halls including Fashion Accessory,Household & Storage,Creativity Toys,Beauty Care,Yoga & Fitness,Household Decoration,Home Textile & Dress,Pet Toys,Bath Items,Lamp Series,Outdoor Furniture,Consumer Appliances,etc,with a total area of 10,000 square meters, providing one-stop solutions for overseas customers' visits, business negotiations and goods purchase. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the product exhibition hall has also added a "Live Broadcasting Room" function to push products to global customers through internet live broadcasting to promote negotiation and communication, which plays a positive role in the new international trade situation.

      Yiwu is the largest general merchandise trade city in the world.

      Yiwu Marketplace is a year round marketplace with over 60,000 vendors.

      Yiwu market involves 4,200 categories,1.7 million products.

      Yiwu market welcomes 20,000 overseas visitors visiting the market daily.

      It is cheapest and easiest palce to buy merchandise on mix-container-load basis.

      Convenient Transport—Only 2 hours by air from Guangzhou/Hongkong to Yiuw.