About Website Agency

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    Why become a website agency:

    Building a website need to take time, money and manpower.

    In your country, there must be many small wholesale buyers which can’t buy products from China at wholesale price generally.

    A) Full a container is difficult for them.

    B) They can’t afford the high transportation cost.

    C) The quantity of products they need doesn’t meet the minimum order quantity.

    May be you have ever considered that to assemble these small wholesale buyers and batch purchase from China, but have no way to start, nowadays the e-commerce seems can realize this purpose, but running your own products website platform requires a huge cost, like supplier system, operating personnel, technical forces and so on, also need to operate a series of trade processes in China, it’s very difficult.

    Become the website agency of Sellersunion Online, we can help you to solve all problems and expand your business.

    What's the website agency mode:

    Website agency mode is a customized products website for customers which based on Sellersunion Online product database. The basic functions and products of this website are same as Sellersunion Online. Customers can use this website to sell products and broaden their business.

    At present, Sellersunion Online has a total of 35 product categories and 360,000 products. When you become our website agency, you can use this product database for free.

    We will provide personalized customization services, technical support and products procurement and trade service for you. All you need to do is to promote your website in your country or region, let more local small wholesale buyers know this website and make order by this, and then you need to collect the order for us, we will operate the next processes for you until you receive the products. When you receive the products you can distribute them to your customers.

    Previous preparation:


    Intention: you can tell us your intention of doing the website agency of Sellersunion Online.

    Warehouse: you need to prepare a warehouse in your country for the storage of the goods. When your customers order the products, you can deliver goods from your warehouse directly.

    Staff: you need to arrange a staff (or yourself) to connect with us.

    Sellersunion Online:

    Personalized customized service

    Technical support

    Purchase Products

    Trade Service


    Proposed intention of doing the website agency

    If you are interested in the website agency mode, please contact us:

    Tel:+86 579 8989 2188

    Professional staff

    When we receive your intention, we will arrange professional staff to provide you with one-on–one service.

    Discuss the cooperation mode

    We will discuss the way of cooperation with you, for example, your purchase requirement, payment mode and so on.

    Customized personalized website

    We will provide you with customized service for your website, and give you the exclusive web address, customize your company’s or your logo, design the window advertising and contact information.

    Use and manage website

    We will show you how to use your website. (Will do link document to explain how to operate) We will show you how to do order summary and transfer the order information to us. (Will do the document to explain)

    How your customers use your website. (Will tell you how to make order and get the accurate price.)

    Promote your website

    You need to promote your website and let more customers know and use it.


    All the prices on the website are shown as factory prices.

    You can ask us the exact price of products on website at any time, we will reply within 48 hours.

    We provide many services like products customization, labeling, change packaging.

    After you confirm the order, we will provide you with trade services, purchase-ordering-quality testing-shipping-customs clearance- receiving goods


    All products images have watermarks of Sellersunion Online which can’t be removed.

    The prices on the website are shown as factory prices and can't be changed.

    The Website doesn't support online payment.

    The categories on homepage can’t be changed, but we will update the recommended products once a month.