How to Repair Your Old Paintbrushes

    2018-01-10 09:05:09

    A Paintbrush becomes brittle after it has been used for a long time, throw away it will make you feel pity. Maybe you can follow these simple steps and find out how to revive your old paintbrushes and make them soft and supple.

    How to Revive Your Old Paintbrushes
    Step 1. Prepare
    First, You need to prepare some white vinegar, brush, palette, stove.
    Step 2. Soaking Bristles
    Pour vinegar into the bottom of the palette and throw the brush in. Using distilled white vinegar is safe, it's a highly effective and inexpensive way. You'll only need enough vinegar to cover the bristles. Then you can let the brushes soak for about an hour.
    Step 3. Time To Simmer
    After the brush is soaked, put the palette on the stove and heat it slowly. Use enough heat to let the brushes simmer in the vinegar. The heated vinegar will help moisturize and restore your paintbrushes to their original condition.
    Step 4. Cleaning
    After boiling in the palette for a few minutes, drain the vinegar and wash the repaired brush under running tap water. Your brushes are like new and you're ready to paint.
    Is it a convenient and effective way for you? If you think so, maybe you can try it out immediately after reading this article. But if you think your paintbrush cannot be restored to the extent you are satisfied, even if you have tried the above method. Maybe you can consider buying a new one.
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