How to Select a Good Shower Head

    2018-01-11 11:59:43

    After a day of exhausted work, do you want to take a nice calming shower?There is just something about the feeling and sound of water pounding down that can relieve stress and pent-up energy.There are quite a few different shower head selections out there, each with their own ups and downs.Height, spray, and water pressure are at the top of the list when it comes to criteria for choosing the perfect shower head and shower options.So if you are looking for an upgrade in your bathroom, take a second to understand the different types of shower heads in this article.

    Type of Shower Head #1: Single spray

    If there is a shower head that has been used in Indian bathrooms for the longest time, it’s the single spray shower head. With a concentrated, to-the-point flow and solid pressure, they make bath times a comfortable experience. These types of shower heads are perfect for those on a budget and for small to medium sized bathrooms.

    How to Select a Good Shower Head

    Type of Shower Head #2: Rain system

    Rain showerheads are often an overhead style meaning you need to be able to be directly under it for best results.They spray a good quantity of water in a calm fashion. These heads not only create the feeling of standing out in a warm tropical rain storm but they are super calming and stress relieving. It might make you want to spend all day in the shower!That's why rain spa shower head are becoming more and more popular now.

    How to Select a Good Shower Head
    Type of Shower Head #3: Hand Held

    A hand-held showerhead is connected to a long hose and it sits in a cradle when it is not in your hand. Handheld showerheads can be used as a fixed shower head but when taken off the cradle they can be used for much more, like bathing pets, washing children, and even for cleaning the tub.

    Hand-held showerheads are available in many different lengths of hose but to meet ADA compliance they must be at least 84” long. The longer the hose the more convenient but it could get in the way of the tub. Hoses between 60” and 72” work well for the average home.

    Type Of Shower Head #4: Shower Panels

    Shower panels and body spray shower heads are designed to pamper you. These types of shower heads are pocket-heavy and can be installed in your bathroom if you are building it from scratch or going for a renovation.

    With spray or showers fitted from top to bottom, on parallel or adjacent walls, this gives your body a spa therapy with equated water streams from all sides.

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