Using Hooks and Clips to Organize Your Life

    2018-02-09 17:07:32

    Have you ever found that hooks and clips play a big role in your daily life. One way you can combat some of that clutter is with the use of hooks and clips. It may sound a little simplistic, maybe even too good to be true, but you’d be surprised what a few well-placed hooks can do to keep piles from forming and overtaking the surrounding space.

    Clips and Hooks in the Kitchen

    In the kitchen, you can use hooks and clips to place the spoon, spatula and so on. Here are a few ways that hooks and clips can help keep your kitchen more organized.

    Trash bags – Put a hook on either side of the trash can to loop drawstring bags on and keep them from falling into the can when you throw something away.

    Pot lids – Hooks on the backs of cabinet doors are great mechanisms for storing pot lids. Two hooks for each lid, placed at approximately four o’clock and eight o’clock on the lid’s circumference, will keep the lid secure and easy to find.

    Cooking utensils – Most cooking utensils come with holes in the handles just for hanging, but few people actually hang them. Instead of rummaging through a drawer for your favorite ladle, or digging through a basket for the small spatula, attach a few hooks to the wall near your usual working and cooking space so your most-used utensils are always on hand.

    Hooks and Clips in the Office

    Adhesive hooks are a great way to hide cords in the office (as well as bedrooms or the living room). The smallest hooks are best. Attach them on the discreet sides and legs of a desk or table and guide the wires through the hooks to conceal the wires.

    ake a statement and get organized by attaching a peg board to an old picture frame. Use hooks in the pegs to hang the items you use most, such as cups with pens or scissors. You can also string a wire and use clips to hang a calendar and important documents from the peg board.

    There are many more things you can do with hooks and clips around your home to make items more accessible and keep organization a priority. It may even be helpful to keep extra hooks on hand, just in case you get inspired to use them in ways that haven’t occurred to others yet.

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