How to Choose the Best Cake Mould

    2018-03-06 11:24:02

    Do you want to do a delicious cake by yourselves, cake is a complex thing. Even when you start with a flawless recipe, factors ranging from creaming technique to ingredient temperature can affect how the cake turns out.

    In my opinion, one of the most important factors in success is a good cake pan. Great cake pans can be purchased on the cheap at restaurant- and baking-supply stores, or online for a little bit more. Following are some advices to tell you how to choose a nice cake mould.How to Choose the Best Cake Mould

    Nesting, Nonstick

    This is the style of cake pan most of us grew up with, readily available at most any supermarket. The sides of the pan are angled, allowing one pan to rest inside another, a "feature" that can make it rather tricky to frost the sides of a layer cake.

    Straight-Sided, Aluminized-Steel

    For those who prefer nonstick pans, a better option would be aluminized steel. In contrast with the thin, dark nesting pans you find at grocery stores, these pans use a much thicker gauge of metal and a reflective aluminum/silicone coating, two factors that slow the conduction of heat to the batter. They're more expensive and less versatile than my favorite pan, but I recognize that for some folks, nothing can beat nonstick.

    Straight-Sided, Anodized-Aluminum

    Anodized aluminum is one of my favorite baking materials because it's nonreactive, so you don't have to worry about funky flavors developing in acidic batters—which are fairly common, thanks to our preference for acidic ingredients like lemon juice, buttermilk, natural cocoa powder, and brown sugar.

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