Buying One Watch for Yourself To Avoid Lateness

    2018-03-09 17:00:51

    Do we all have a friend who is always late for a date? sometimes we have an appointment to drink coffee, but there is always a friend who appears for more than half an hour, and the excuse is always "encountered a traffic jam".
    And when the friend had missed the appointment 20 minutes, he sent a message saying, "I'm sorry, I'm a bit late, I will reach there some times later." So what kind of friend is that? If you are the one who is waiting for your friend, the lateness of your friend may make you feel extremely angry, even furious. In that case, why do people disagree with others?

    Buying One Watch for Yourself To Avoid Lateness
    Recent research shows that there may be other reasons besides perhaps considering that person is acting rudely. Some psychologists think this is because people have different ideas about time. They set time for participating researchers to complete a task and even provide them with the clock. Despite this, some people will forget the time limit, and do not remember to check the time.
    In fact, those in life who are good at grasping time, rarely rely on other external things to control their time.
    In real life, people who are often late for appointments often have these peculiarities, such as optimism, low levels of self-control, or anxiety.
    Perhaps you will ask, why are the optimists? Optimists tend to overestimate how much they can achieve and underestimate problems ---- which means they don't account for the long traffic jam on the way to meet you for that coffee.
    Here's another thought: maybe language is to blame? The English phrase 'to be fashionably late' is used to describe the optimum time to arrive at an event.
    If you're too early, you can appear overly eager, but if you're a bit late you seem cool and sophisticated. The problem is, what one person regards as fashionably late, another may view as plain impolite.
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