Enrich Your Breakfast with A Piece of Pizza

    2018-03-19 13:55:11

    If you prefer to eat a bowl of raisin cereal or sound healthy cereals for breakfast, this is actually less advisable because most cereals contain a lot of sugar. Dietitians recommend eating a piece of pizza instead of breakfast cereal every morning. Using a pizza cutter wheel to cut the whole piece of pizza into smaller portions, this not only makes pizza look better but also tastes more delicious, and will make your breakfast look more attractive.

    Enrich Your Breakfast with A Piece of Pizza
    If you want to start your day with a truly nutritious breakfast, you can try a bowl of fruit plus yoghurt, or oatmeal cinnamon plus fruit, which can provide fiber and antioxidants. Even a second helping of dinner set aside from the previous night can make a healthy breakfast if it's chock full of veggies and balanced --- for example, a lot of vegetables that are soaked in extra virgin olive oil and fine meats adorned with herbs, or chicken breast, or lentils and a small portion of buckwheat suggested by nutrition experts.
    But if you are really interested in eating pizza for breakfast, then you can try to get up early to make a pizza by yourself. You can use the egg and bacon, cheese, and vitamin-rich spinach. This is definitely a delicious and nutritious pizza.

    Enrich Your Breakfast with A Piece of Pizza
    Experts point out that pizza contains more protein than a bowl of typical cereal. A pizza contains more fat and less sugar, so it can make satiety last longer and avoid eating snacks before eating. But it is also important to remember that pizza is not as healthy. When considering all factors, pizza is just a more balanced choice.
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