The Correct Way of Taking A Selfie with the Selfie Stick

    2018-03-26 09:56:56

    What should a perfect smile look like? Whether we reveal a mouth big white tooth or pull up our lips and raise the corners of our mouths, I believe we all have our own ideas. New research shows that there is indeed a correct way to smile, and this is closely related to facial expressions.

    The Correct Way of Taking A Selfie with the Selfie Stick
    When we think of showing a perfect smile, we tend to imagine a beaming smile with all teeth. However, the researchers found that the real smile does not actually lie in revealing a few teeth, but more in the balance and symmetry of facial expressions. Especially when you take a selfie with a selfie stick, the balance and symmetry of the facial expressions at this time are very important. If you accurately grasp this point, that you can take a beautiful selfie.
    Researchers conducted a series of facial transitions based on 3D computer animated facial models from multiple participants, changing the mouth angle, amount of teeth exposed, the extent of the smile, and how symmetrical the smile was. And the participants were asked to rate the models’ smiles based on effectiveness, genuineness, pleasantness, and perceived emotional intent.
    The results of the research showed that the most successful smile - one that was rated most pleasant, genuine, and effective - had a perfect balance of teeth, an ideal mouth angle, and a smile length that extended to what was dubbed the ‘sweet spot’. When smiling, the quick synchronization of both sides of the face is also closely related to this. The smile plays an extremely important role in communicating with one another, smiling will attract people to your side, and make you look sincere.
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