Nice Car Phone Holders for You

    2018-04-09 15:41:56

    Nowadays everyone has one mobile phone on their hand, so one the car, where to put the mobile phone is better? A car phone holder will solve this problem. Good car phone holders must be durable, simple and reasonably priced. But which is the best you can buy? We tested a selection of holders on sale now to name the best three on the market.

    There’s a lot of choice. The most common phone holders are ones with suction cups that you mount on the windscreen or dashboard. The other popular kinds are air vent-mounted products. These clip on to the air vent and are typically much smaller and more discreet.

    Air vent holders are often more restrictive than dashboard or windscreen holders as they tend to offer less adjustability. However, they are still recommended for their discreet design, since some drivers prefer to keep the dash and windscreen completely clear.

    Most phone holders have extendable arms that hold the phone in place. Some provide users with a magnet to stick to the back of the phone or between the phone and its case.

    There are phone holders that are mounted in the CD player slot or in the cup holder, but we would recommend sticking to windscreen or air vent holders as they are easier to use and more likely to suit your needs.

    This will largely depend on what kind of phone holder you have. Make sure it is secure so it won’t fall off when driving. Keep it within arm's reach and at – or close to – eye level.

    In any case, it’s important you do not obscure your view of the road, so if you mount it on the dash or windscreen, make sure you can still see clearly.

    Prices range from £6.99 for a simple air vent holder to more than £20 for more sophisticated kit with magnetic holders and even voice-controlled apps. Many have warranty.

    Using your phone while driving is dangerous and can now result in six points off your licence and a £200 fine. Set up a sat-nav app on your phone before you start a journey, then follow the directions from the phone while it’s in the holder as you drive. But do not operate the device while you are driving, even if it's in the holder.

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