Is Canton Fair still worth attending?

    2018-04-23 11:11:46

    Is Canton Fair worth attending?The Canton fair is the world's largest overall supplier trade fair, with thousands of suppliers and buyers taking part in activities held in guangzhou, China. This is a great exchange of events between Chinese and foreign traders. As a foreign trade company with 20 years of experience, we still feel that the Canton fair is a very effective channel for promoting trade. If you search for Google keyword planners, you will find that the terms of the import and export of China are still very large. And there are many benefits to attending the Canton fair.

    As a company that has traded with more than 120 countries, we are actively involved in the Canton fair. The 123rd Canton fair has entered the countdown, and we are ready to await your arrival at the Canton fair. We mainly provide the following services.

    Sourcing-OEM Service

    Flexible Payment

    Insurance&Finance Service

    Warehouse- Quality Control

    International Freight

    Website Agency

    Our booth is:

    4-2,Area A,Pearl River Walk Path,Phase2.(23th-28th,April),123th Canton Fair.

    Our website is: you can visit our website in advance. It is worth mentioning that our website () brings together more than 300,000 products of yiwu, which is equivalent to moving the entire yiwu trade city to the website, and we will continue to update and maintain it later.
    If you haven't come to China recently, you can visit our website, contact us and leave your questions. We will arrange people to communicate with you in the first place.