Make Yourself Be A beautiful Girl

    2018-05-09 10:52:52

    Every girl wants to dress herself stylishly, but not all fashion trends are suitable for girls of all heights and figures. Sometimes the same clothes, some girls wear it, it seems like tailor-made for her, maybe other girls wear it, look ordinary. So girls should learn to choose the right clothes and fashion accessories for themselves.
    1.Pick The 'Right' Shoes/Accessories
    The easiest way to become taller is with high heels. But the choice of shoe color is also very important: any neutral-colored footwear will make your legs look longer, but black shoes, especially those with high lacing, will make your legs look shorter instead. 
    In addition, avoid some accessories that interrupt girls’ neck line on the horizontal line. For example, the choker, which is very popular now, will make some girls’ neck look thick and the whole person will look healthy.

    Make Yourself Be A beautiful Girl
    2.Be Careful With Striped Prints
    For fashionable striped shirts, girls should choose it carefully. Horizontal stripes add volume, while the incorrect combination of this print and a knee-length skirt will make you look about an inch shorter. A striped top with a monotone midi-skirt, on the contrary, will 'lengthen' your shape.
    3.Choose Jeans/Bags According To Your Height
    If you are of a smaller height and wear shortened jeans, they can make you even smaller. Combine such jeans with high-heeled shoes and a crop top. High-waist jeans may also help you adjust your height and look taller. Pay special attention to the size of your bag. The best choice for petite ladies is a small bag of no more than ten inches in width. A fashionable shopper bag will make your image heavier.
    4.Wear Shirtdresses Correctly
    A shirtdress has an interesting design and goes well with almost any kind of figure. However, petite girls may find it looks awkward on them, as though it was made for a person of greater height. It also can give you some excess volume in the waist. This is easily adjusted, though: just apply a belt and roll up your sleeves. The perfect sleeve length for petite girls is 3/4.
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