Plasticine for Children: Making the Kids More Imaginative

    2018-05-10 16:02:34

    When you were a child, do you like to play plasticine? It is fun and most kids love it. It is said that playing plasticine can help children to develop control and strength of the muscles in their fingers and hands.Plasticine for Children: Making the Kids More Imaginative

    Squeezing and kneading: Make a batch of uncoloured playdough and allow your children to squeeze and knead the food colouring through themselves (if you put the colouring into the middle of the dough and fold it over and then start to knead, it shouldn’t stain fingers too much). Or try kneading dough for pizzas or to make pastries.

    Poking and pinching: is great for finger strength Teaching your child to make pinch pots from clay is one way to encourage a pinching action.

    Rolling: Teaching your child to roll snakes from modelling media with their hands, and to flatten dough with a rolling pin engages both the muscles in the hand and in the arm. Rolling a ball of dough involves a different hand action and type of control.

    Pressing: Don’t always give your child tools (like rolling pins and cookie cutters) to work with. It is important for children to also learn to use their hands to flatten and shape, maximising the rehearsal opportunity for co-ordination skills (and it also allows for a more creative response with the dough).

    Imagining: As well as being great for fine motor development, there is limitless potential for imaginative play to be found in a ball of dough. At Christmas time, Immy played for ages making and ‘opening’ little plasticine presents under a pretty plasticine tree.

    Providing children who have had lots of experience with playdough with different modelling media helps to keep them interested. Have you tried;

    Plasticine or modelling clay: This usually requires more work to soften and model with and is therefore great for strengthening the fingers and hands of older children.

    Clay: If you don’t like the mess factor, look for child friendly air dry clay. Also, look for white porcelain clay rather than the red/brown terracotta variety.

    Salt dough.

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