import from China:how to choose good products to sell

    2018-05-11 10:23:25

    In the Internet age, importing from China has become a trend. This is a complex and interesting process. But it's important to note that it's important to find good products, and here are some tips to help you choose your products in China and start a trade.

    It needs to be small and light - trust me, you don't want to deal with the trouble of transporting furniture or kitchenware around the world. You want something cheap to ship, because shipping will make your profit margins active.

    It needs to be a simple project - I mean you want something that is simple to make and has a relatively high margin of error. Most of these factories will not have high quality standards in the world, so the greater the margin of error you can afford, the more satisfied your customers will be.

    Keep it in the range of $10- $200 - based on my experience, if you sell more than that, it will become very capital-intensive and riskier. Higher ticket items are usually more difficult to ship, require higher quality control, and really magnify your errors when you first start importing. I haven't found a chance to succeed outside of this price range, so I don't suggest you have any chance, but of course use your own judgment.

    Don't sell what you buy - when I talk to him, Devon makes a good point that you can't sell what you buy. Most of us buy electronics, clothes, food and other necessities. I can tell you now that you won't compete in any of these markets. You really have to find a niche here for you.

    Don't be seasonal - you want to find items that have a consistent buyer base. I'm sure there's a lot of money selling Christmas products and winter clothes from Asia, but it's going to be very seasonal, and you might end up producing a lot of worthless stock.

    Another caveat: avoid commoditized markets with high brand loyalty. For example, toothbrushes, the Numbers look great - I can buy them for less than they sell. I bought 25. People don't buy it at all. When was the last time you bought a toothbrush from a non-major brand?

    In the course of your choice of products, you can consult with self online, which is a website of 300,000 yiwu products. Yiwu you know, the world commodity kingdom. Through self online, you can easily know the goods of yiwu, compared with you to come to yiwu, and then spend a half month in the market more efficient. Of course, if you want to import from China, find a local company, and you can avoid the trouble of language barrier. And we know more about the yiwu market, so we can get better profits for you.

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