Why choose Sellersunion Online as your china sourcing agent?

    2018-07-19 09:43:14

    Are you thinking about finding a china sourcing agent when thinking about importing from China? Do you feel that you are looking for a Chinese sourcing agent to find a low cost?

    Choosing a china sourcing agent is a daunting task, depending largely on the size of your company, what type of product you want to buy, and whether you are sourcing "off the shelf" or custom products.

    In general, if you want to purchase a simple “off the shelf” product (design/tool ​​has been created), you don’t need to make any changes to the package, etc., then you can do it yourself, or you can find a cheap local China. The agent helps you to purchase.

    When you need to customize a product or package, you want to work with a more experienced company or purchasing agent who will experience and balance the cost and quality of the product based on your needs. This is an important consideration that needs to be considered, because I often see people buying the best “prices for them” when purchasing products. This type of request is very misleading because any good purchasing agent can find a cheaper version of the product and a higher price product. The manufactured product has a fixed input and an output (final product). Inputs are raw materials, machine overhead, construction/company overhead, electricity, etc. You can use very high quality raw materials or low quality materials to change the price of the product, or to conduct very strict quality checks, rather than strict quality checks. All changes in the variable input increase or decrease the cost of the output (final product). The Chinese have a saying that "a penny is a piece of goods", literally means the unit currency of a unit of product, the price you pay. “Best Deal” is actually the best balance between quality and cost, meeting the needs of end customers and not causing customer service problems. A quality purchasing agent should be able to identify the customer market and target customers and help them find the right balance between cost and quality. Therefore, when customizing products, it is recommended to find a higher quality purchasing agent with rich experience. These agents usually spend more, but in the long run, their weight is the price of gold. Reducing product sourcing issues gives business owners more time to focus on sales and increase revenue, which almost always provides a higher return on investment for higher quality purchasing agents. Therefore, in my opinion, any small and medium-sized company with these resources should pay more for higher quality purchasing agents. It always ends up being the "best deal."

    Sellersunion Online is part of the Sellersunion Group. Sellersunion Group is one of the largest foreign trade companies in Yiwu, with 20 years of professional foreign trade experience and 1,000 employees. We are absolutely professional and absolutely trustworthy. But you need to customize the product or packaging, we will be a good choice. We can use our expertise to help you solve problems in your trade.

    Of course, you may encounter the following situations during the procurement process.

    A) Full a container is difficult for them.

    B) They can’t afford the high transportation cost.

    C) The quantity of products they need doesn’t meet the minimum order quantity.

    In addition to the china sourcing agent, we also provide services for the website agency.