How To Protect Your Hair

    2018-09-28 16:30:08

    This is what women do every day, but do you know that the way you brush your hair may damage your hair?
    You may be careful about shampoos and conditioners, and you will want to grow your dream hair. But in fact, you may not realize how many mistakes you made now. 
    Josh Wood Atelier's stylist, Robert Fitch, said the first mistake was to start combing when the hair was still dry. He suggested: "Instead, apply a little leave-in conditioner , use a wide tooth comb and start from the ends up."

    How To Protect Your Hair
    He also suggested not to try to rip through the ends of the hair, adding: 'It might help to take the hair into sections if it's really tangled. If the hair is really messy, this may It will split your hair. If you are curly, don't comb it with dry hair. Instead, use your fingers to gently grasp the hair." 
    He believes that the most common mistake women make is that the hair is not combed enough. He explained: "The hair has a life span of nearly seven years. We average about 120 hairs per day, so that we can make room for new hair. If you don't comb, they won't fall off." In addition, he adds that using the correct brush is the most imperative part of brushing. "The best brushes are flat, soft combs."
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