The Best Baby Bibs to Choose

    2018-10-09 11:21:15

      Baby bibs are essential for a baby's development. When your baby is a newborn, the bibs will help prevent their clothes from getting wet from formula, breastmilk, or spit up, which will save you an outfit change. As your baby starts to grow and teething happens, your baby will become a drool machine, so you'll want an absorbent bib that can soak up everything and dry quickly without having to switch it out a dozen times a day. Once your baby starts to eat, you've got a whole new ball game on your hands. Waterproof or easily washable bibs do best here because you can just rinse them off in the sink and they won't stain. If you have a determined child, a bib with a snap works best because they can't rip it off mid meatloaf, and those who are really messy might want a bib that has a cup at the bottom to prevent pieces of spaghetti from ending up on their lap, or a long sleeve bib to save any messes from occurring.

      With all bibs, you should never leave your baby unattended with them on and they should never go to sleep with one on.

      Whatever stage of the game you are in, you will need a lot of bibs to get you through the first few years. To help get you started on your quest for the best bib, here are our top picks.

      Anyone who has bottle-fed knows that formula or breastmilk has a way of accumulating in the neck folds, giving your baby a funky smelling milk neck that can lead to irritation or even a yeast infection. To help prevent this for happening, a bib that is designed exclusively for bottle feeding is best.

      This favorite from Tommee Tippee is made out of a terry material that has extra absorbency around the neck to catch all of those dribbles. It has a velcro closure which makes putting it on and taking off a cinch. Besides bottle feedings, this is also a smart option for teething babies since it absorbs well. While the plain bib is far from stylish, it is a basic color and will match any outfit your baby is wearing, so you won't need to worry about coordinating as you rush out the door.

      When it comes time to feed your baby solids you'll need a bib that is easy to clean and stain-resistant. Since you'll gradually start feeding your baby more and more as time goes on, you won't have the time to launder a bib for each meal of the day and that's why a waterproof or easily washable bib is best.

      This bib made by Built, is made out of neoprene which is what scuba suits are made of so it's waterproof. After your baby's first carrots, you can just rinse this off with some soap and water in the kitchen sink and let dry, though you will want to launder after a few days use to thoroughly clean. These bibs are small, which is good for babies and toddlers since the bib will easily rest on them without getting bunched up. These close with velcro and come in various colors and patterns.

      Ah, teething—it never seems to end. Starting around 4 to 7 months your baby may start to act irritable and start gnawing on their hands. With this, you'll start to see a lot more drool and this is when a drool bib comes in handy. Drool bibs keep wet saliva from soaking your little one's clothing which can cause irritation and can be downright uncomfortable. Bandana bibs are the best option for drooling because they are not only stylish coming in an array of patterns, they also absorb a lot of moisture with their fleece backing which is quick drying.

      This 12-pack set is made of 100 percent organic cotton so you'll know only the best is sitting next to your baby's skin. The bibs have a snap on them, which prevents them from ripping them off, and they can adjust in between sizes with the two different snap lengths.

      Reviewers love the mixed patterns on these and have used these for newborns up to still drooling 2-year-olds. Some comment these might be a little big for younger babies but they'll be handy well past their first birthday.