How to pack special products when fba sourcing in China

    2018-10-10 15:41:01

    Before you decide to do fba sourcing in China, you must have found the right category for what you want to do. You are happy to find the right supplier, but if you have the following types of products, you will find that packaging is a big problem. These categories include: glass/fragile, liquid, perforated open items, textiles, baby products, powder/particles, a set for sale, sharp objects, adult materials or extra small. For these products, there are many points of attention in packaging, we will explain these points of attention in detail.
    1. Glass/fragile
    Required material bubble packaging, individual packaging box
    Packing instructions ensure adequate bubble wrap to avoid breakage. Once the box is above the item, make sure the item can withstand falling to the ground without breaking. Apply the barcode to the box so it can be scanned without opening the box.
    2. Liquid
    The material needed is plastic bags
    Packing instructions ensure that bottles/cans containing liquid do not leak. Load the bag and apply the choke warning label and unit barcode to the specified location.
    3. Perforated opening
    The material needed is plastic bags
    Packing instructions perforated openings can help customers, but need to be sealed. Put items in plastic bags and apply relevant labels.
    4. Textile/clothing
    The material needed is plastic bags
    Packing instructions plastic bags help to keep your clothes clean and tidy. Add plastic bag barcode and choke warning label.

    5.Baby products/toys
    The material needed is plastic bags
    Packing instructions: plastic bags can keep dust away from the product. Make sure the bag is sealed and USES the appropriate barcode and warning label.
    6. Powder/granule
    The material needed is plastic bags
    Packing instructions put the bottle or box into the bag and add the barcode and choke warning to the bag. This is only necessary if the container of powder or particles cannot pass a drop test.
    7.As a set of items for sale
    Materials required "sell by package" stickers
    Packing instructions ensure that the container of the item is tightly sealed. If necessary, please wrap it in a plastic bag. Add "sold Settings" label and barcode.
    8.Something sharp
    Required material foam packing
    Packing instructions wrap the tip of the item with a foam wrap and, if needed, insert another box for additional precautions.
    9.Adult materials
    Material required: opaque packing/black plastic bag
    Packing instructions your packing material should not be transparent. If you use plastic bags, please attach the barcode and suffocation label.
    10. Small objects
    The material needed is plastic bags
    Packing instructions include items in transparent plastic bags and add barcodes and choke tags.
    Ensure that the barcodes and labels for each item are visible and accessible without opening or unwrapping.
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