How to choose the right product to sell on Amazon

    2018-10-10 16:07:53

    Everyone knows amazon now. In 2016, amazon said it had 100,000 amazon sellers with sales of more than $100,000. Are you excited to see this? Do you want to be one of these hundreds of thousands? You may have a strong desire to succeed, but you run into resistance. For example: limited time, no experience, no idea what product to choose. Now we'll show you how to choose the right product to sell on Amazon.
    When you decide to start the amazon business, it's great if you already know which product to launch. If you haven't found the right product yet, check out the ideas in the amazon product catalog.
    Some categories are not suitable for small sellers, as shown below:
    Amazon business/amazon TV/amazon music/Echo&Alexa/Prime photos and print/kindle e-readers and books/fireproof tablets
    Clearly, these categories are owned only by amazon.
    The following categories are also not suitable for new sellers:
    The app store's Android/books and sound/movie music and games/home services/credit and payment products

    So, now let's look at the remaining categories:
    Home, garden and tools
    Sports and outdoor activities
    Automobile and industry
    Toy children and babies
    Close shoes and jewelry
    Electronics and computers
    If you still have trouble choosing the category to enter, keep reading.
    Now, after you see the name of each category, write down the first product in your mind with pen and paper.
    Such as:
    Home, garden and tools: sofas
    Outdoor sports: tents
    Automotive and industrial: automotive cleaning tools
    Toys for children and babies: legos
    Close shoes and jewelry: t-shirts
    Electronics and computers: earplugs
    Handmade: soap
    This list is not the standard answer, everyone should have their own list. Now just look at the categories you are interested in and select the product to sell.
    The following three Suggestions will help you make better decisions:
    1. Choose products you like/familiar with.
    Choose creative products over everyday consumer goods
    3. Choose products that are easy for private brands (meaning, create your own brand)
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