Try To Sleep With Your Socks

    2018-10-29 17:04:55

    Will you wear socks when you sleep? This is a question that has been debated for many years.
    In fact, keeping your feet warm at night has been shown to change your sleep pattern. Heating your cold feet will dilate the blood vessels, which may signal the brain to 'sleep time'. After the blood vessels of the hands and feet are dilated, the heat is redistributed to the whole body, allowing the body to prepare for sleep.
    In other words, keeping your feet warm while sleeping will make you sleep more physically. It will also make you sleep more quickly. If you don't believe it, a study published in the journal International Weekly Journal of Science shows that sleeping in socks actually makes you fall asleep 15 minutes earlier than usual. Sleeping in socks also helps to relieve hot flashes and improve the dryness of your feet. If you sleep without socks, try to start from tonight.

    Try To Sleep With Your Socks
    Chinese medicine also agrees with the concept of wearing socks to sleep, emphasizing the ability of this practice to speed up blood circulation. The cold feet will excrete energy in the body and hinder the circulation of blood.
    Therefore, we need to circulate blood, so that we can keep our body away from the pain and keep the body flowing," said Dr. Elizabeth Tratner, Ph.D., in the Chinese Reader's Digest. "The cold will hinder the circulation of gas. Heat or warm will speed up the circulation of gas. For example, a warm bath will help you relax, while a cold bath will make you more nervous. Cold can cause stagnation and cause pain. "
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