The Benefits of Artificial Plant for Your Home

    2018-10-29 17:31:44

    When you buy something to decorate your room, which plants do you want? The real plants or artificial plants? I would like artificial plant, there are some reasons.

    1.They Stay Fresh All Year Round

    The most obvious benefit of opting for artificial house plants and flowers in the home is that no matter the season, they will look as fresh as the day you bought them. Plants are not as susceptible to the climate and can be kept alive throughout the colder months, however flowers are heavily dictated by the seasons so if you want to display your favorite blooms throughout the year, your only option is artificial versions. Fabulous finishing touches for any room, foliage and flowers add a vibrant and earthy feel wherever placed. Making sure these essential home accessories always look their best will ensure a cohesive look throughout the home.

    2.Cost Effective

    Keeping your home filled with fresh flowers can be an expensive habit as they will need changing at least each fortnight, if not every week. House plants have more longevity but even these can be costly to replace if they aren’t looked after carefully. High quality artificial house plants and flowers can be pricey to first buy, however they are an investment which will see you through many years if cared for, therefore proving much more cost effective in the long run.


    Hay fever is rife during the summer months, however many people suffer from plant allergies all year round which can put a damper on any indoor foliage plans. The only choice for plant allergy sufferers, artificial flowers will also ensure that any guests with allergies won’t get the sniffles when visiting.

    4.Non-toxic to pets

    Another troublesome aspect of indoor plant keeping, is that many varieties can be toxic to pets. From lilies to aloe vera plants, there is a large list of plants and flowers which can be harmful if consumed by animals and we all know a curious cat, dog or rabbit that will happily take a bite out of anything left unattended. Artificial flowers and house plants are the easiest and safest options for homeowners with pets and you also have less risk of arriving home to a destroyed bouquet.

    5.Can Be Placed Anywhere in the Home

    The foliage trend has spread across every room of the home from bedrooms to bathrooms, however many spaces in the home can be lacking in the key aspect which keeps plants thriving, sunlight. For darker or even windowless rooms as many bathrooms now are, artificial varieties are a must and the heat and steam from showers or cooking (if in the kitchen), has no effect on the stems. Artificial flowers and plants in bathrooms also give a beautifully fresh, clean and calming feel which make for a serene spa-like bathroom space.

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