The Importance of Stationery

    2018-11-30 14:48:29

    When you leave your school and go to society, the stationery is also very important for you. There are many situations need the stationery, stationery is a classic paper need for business professionals. A thoughtful note can be the difference between two qualified candidates for a job opening or two respected companies vying for the same client. It' s also a great Mother' s Day gift.The Importance of Stationery

    We love stationery so much we decided to open a subsidiary company that focuses exclusively on stationery. In classic amp fashion, the company is named after a sweet pup, Addie. Coincidentally, she is also a yellow Labrador.

    The company is called Dear Addie, and it produces both custom and pre-designed cards. It has its own letterpress and lovely staff members. amp still prints and designs stationery for its customers, but if you' re looking for a more specialized company, we will point you to Dear Addie.

    We' ve compiled a quick list of reasons to check out Dear Addie and why stationery is so important.

    1.You need thank you notes.

    Thank you notes are still a big deal in today' s digital- and smartphone-obsessed world. Presents, interviews, wedding services and nice gestures still demand thank you notes, so you might as well get some nice, personalized stationery. Thick paper and a nice design make the note more professional, meaningful and thoughtful.

    2. Stationery is the best way to announce big changes in your life.

    Sure, you can announce something via email. But people receive hundreds of emails a day. Things get lost in the shuffle. A handwritten thank you note in a pile of bills stands out, and it' s not as likely to get overlooked. So for birth announcements, graduation announcements, moving announcements or any other significant event in your life, it' s best to send paper cards.

    3. Important events require paper announcements.

    Paperless Post is nice for smaller events, but for weddings, 50th birthday parties and baby showers, a paper invitation is the traditional method of communication. Something physical can also be saved as a keepsake. People can' t pin a save the date email to their refrigerator. And going back to the copious amount of emails sent per day, email invitations can get lost or forgotten easily.

    4. Christmas/Holiday cards are still very relevant.

    It' s still customary to wish your friends, family and colleagues Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays via snail mail. It takes more effort and thus is more meaningful to recipients. For businesses, it' s a good method for retaining and reconnecting with clients.

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