Easier way to use your pc

    2019-01-03 16:54:12

      As the developmnt of society,more and more people begin to use computer. In order to make people work easily and efficiently. No wire mouse begin to enter into people eyeside and lots of people use them too. Optical mouse is an advanced mouse designed by Microsoft.It USES NTELLIEYE technology. In the small hole at the bottom of the mouse, there is a small light-sensitive head. All in SELLERS UNION.

       Facing the light-sensitive head, there is a light-emitting tube emitting infrared ray.As a result, the mouse can move around anywhere without limit.Although the photoelectric mouse was a failure, but the full digital working mode, no mechanical structure and the advantages of high precision so that the industry attention, if it can overcome its inherent defects will be able to carry forward its advantages, the production of a set of high precision, high reliability and durability of the product is technically feasible.Microsoft and agilent technologies were the first to achieve results in this field.In 1999, Microsoft introduced the IntelliMouseExplorer, a second-generation optical mouse that relied on the IntelliEye optical engine developed by Microsoft in partnership with agilent and was known as the optical mouse because it relied more on optical technology.

       It not only retains the photoelectric mouse high precision, no mechanical structure and other advantages, and has high reliability and durability, and the use of the process of cleaning can also maintain a good working state, after the birth of the industry quickly attracted attention.Logitech partnered with agilent to launch the IntelliEye optical engine in 2000, while Microsoft later worked independently and launched IntelliEye ii in late 2001.So optical mouse was formed by Microsoft and logitech two camps, agilent technologies, while also grasp the core of the optical engine technology, but it does not relate to the mouse products manufacturing, but the mouse to a third party manufacturers provide optical engine products, currently on the market of Microsoft, logitech brand mouse are almost all the technology that USES it.

        The structure of the optical mouse is very different from that of all the products mentioned above. It has no rollers at the bottom and does not need to rely on the reflector board for positioning. Its core components are light-emitting diodes, micro-cameras, optical engines and control chips.The leds emit light to illuminate the surface at the bottom of the mouse, while the microcamera constantly takes pictures at certain intervals.Different images generated by the mouse in the process of moving are transmitted to the optical engine for digital processing. Finally, the image digital matrix generated by the positioning DSP chip in the optical engine is analyzed.Since the two adjacent images always have the same features, the movement direction and distance of the mouse can be determined by comparing the position change information of these feature points. This analysis result is finally converted into coordinate offset to realize the positioning of the cursor.

       There is no doubt that sets the perfect indicators of optical mouse from birth it is destined to it will have a bright future, although in the initial years of optical mouse is expensive, few takers consumer market, but in 2001 after the situation has changed gradually, the mouse manufacturers are introducing optical mouse products, consumers have realized its advantages.Since then, under the strong promotion of the manufacturer, the concept of consumers has gradually changed, and the number of users who spend more money to buy an optical mouse has been increasing.

      At the same time, optical mouse technology is also constantly developing, resolution increased to 800dpi accuracy, refresh frequency as high as 6000 times per second, in the fierce competition games can also be flexible, and the optical mouse color blindness has been a good solution.In addition to smooth mass production work to keep its cost down, about 100 yuan can buy a pretty good optical mouse (cheap products may only be 30 to 40 yuan), optical mouse in the past two years into the explosive growth period, the vast majority of installed users will regard it as the first choice of products.By contrast, the optical mouse is fading and its market share is shrinking. Although there is still some demand in the low-order field, it is replaced by optical mouse, and the trend of exiting the market is very obviousOptical mouse core components.Previously we briefly introduced the working principle of optical mouse, if you want to have a deeper understanding of it, it is necessary to understand the composition of its components.    

      With the progress of technology,the performance of the mouse is getting better and better.Now some of the CPI values of the mouse can exceed 2000,which is very suitable for large-resolution screen operation. There are lots og different kinds of mouse in SELLERS UNION GROUP. You will find amazing things on us.