How to ship products to Amazon FBA by Express transportation

    2019-01-10 17:38:14

    After purchasing from China, you can then consider shipping the goods to your amazon warehouse. When your product is less than 21kg, you may consider using express delivery. It usually takes only 2-4 working days. Fast, especially for the United States and European countries. And can actually check the state of the goods. But express delivery is very expensive and there are many restrictions on goods, such as liquid, battery and powder products... And so on. When you decide to use express delivery to transport your products, you need to consider the following questions: how to choose the right express? How to calculate the weight? How much is the freight? How long will it take?
    How to choose the right express?
    You can choose from many Express companies to ship goods from China to amazon FBA around the world. The issues we need to consider are customs clearance and customs duties. For example, if shipped to the United States, goods worth less than $800 are exempt from customs duties and customs clearance fees.
    The eu imposes tariffs on goods of little value. For example, if it's shipped to the UK, it's taxed if it's worth more than 15 pounds. For eu countries, goods worth more than 20 euros are subject to tariffs.
    Let's talk about the three international delivery companies: FedEX, UPS and DHL. FedEX and UPS are American and DHL is German. If your products are shipped to the United States, I suggest FedEX and UPS, because these two companies are more effective in customs clearance in the United States. If your products are shipped to Europe, I suggest using DHL, because DHL is easier to clear in Europe. In the end, most of our customers will choose DHL to ship around the world, because the freight will be cheaper than FedEX and UPS.
    We ship our products to the United States, and the customs clearance and transportation time is very fast. DHL should be our best option.
    DHL delivery time: amazon FBA in the us and Europe usually takes 2-4 working days.
    UPS delivery time: 2-3 working days in USA. It takes 3-4 working days to get to Europe.
    FedEX delivery time: only 2-3 working days in the us. It takes about 4 working days to get to Europe
    There is not much difference in the above delivery time. Therefore, most of our customers choose DHL Express to deliver their products.

    How to calculate the weight?
    First let's look at how to calculate the weight of the product. Express has two weighing methods.
    The actual weight
    Size, weight
    Basically, when you ship the product by express, the express will charge you according to the size and weight of the product or the actual weight.
    There are many special products which are huge in size but light in weight. The express company will charge a lot of fees according to the size and weight.

    This is the formula for calculating the size and weight:
    Dimension weight = length (cm) * width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000
    Instance as follows
    Size and weight: if the size of your product box is 50 * 50 * 50cm, the actual weight is 10kg. If you want to ship this box from China to amazon FBA, the Courier company will charge you 25 kg weight (50 * 50 * 50 cm) / 5000 = 25 kg) instead of the actual weight of 10 kg.
    Actual weight: the package size of your product is 30 * 25 * 25cm, and the actual weight is 18kg. If you want to ship this box from China to amazon FBA, the express company will charge you the actual weight of 18 kg instead of 3.75. Kilograms (20 * 25 * 15cm / 5000 = 3.75kg).
    How much is the freight?
    Delivery costs depend on many things, such as weight, seasonality, whether the product has batteries... And a lot more.
    You can use the international express freight calculator

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