Choose the Suitable Sunglasses for Yourself

    2019-01-31 17:27:04

    It's easy for you to find a pair of good-looking sunglasses, and you can easily think that this pair of sunglasses is very good for you. But buying sunglasses is much more important than just picking a good look. In addition to being at first glance, you have to pick a frame that complements your face.
    If your face is a heart-shaped face, you should wear aviator sunglasses. The aviator's sunglasses are wide and narrow, and the contours of the face of the seeds are very similar. But don't choose the shape is too exaggerated, otherwise it will be overwhelming.
    If your face is a oval-shaped face, then you have a lot of choices when you choose the frame. Basically, as long as the proportion of the face is met, any style can be selected.

    Choose the Suitable Sunglasses for Yourself
    If your face is round, you can choose square sunglasses or traveler sunglasses. This contrast balances your face, so a round face with an angular frame looks best.
    If you are a square-shaped face, you should wear a round frame. Again, balance is the key – angular faces require round frames to coordinate.
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