How to choose a good Chinese wholesale site

    2019-03-07 16:36:14

    Choosing a good Chinese wholesale site can make your purchase twice the result with half the effort. There are also many different Chinese wholesale sites, you may have the feeling of flower picking. Pay attention to the following 6 points, you can save worry and effort.

    1. Price transparency

    It can take a lot of time to contact various items on the product price list from different suppliers. However, for the wholesale website, the prices of multiple items in the inventory will all be displayed. It makes it easier to compare prices between different suppliers to get the best bargain.

    2. Diversified wholesale categories

    Generally speaking, wholesale websites tend to store a large number of products. You can save time and money by getting everything you need in one place. More importantly, it makes it easier to manage suppliers.

    3. Strict quality control

    Most wholesale suppliers are vetted, not to mention have years of business experience. Most of the commodities conform to the existing market trend. That is, you are likely to get a different category of hot seller model. In addition, there is a strict quality control system, so you can only get products that meet or exceed the set standards.

    4.Deliver on time

    Timely delivery is critical to your business success. Effective delivery equals instant savings, both in time and money. In addition, timely delivery equals to improved customer satisfaction. Most importantly, the shipping is perfect for pocket.

    5. Easy delivery

    Most entrepreneurs are very reluctant to place large orders. After all, only a handful of people are willing to spend a lot of money right from the start. Well, the wholesale website saves you the trouble, thanks to the freight plan. You save on storage costs. In addition, all you do is take orders from customers.

    6. Low minimum order quantity

    Sometimes, you just need a small batch. But without a low minimum order quantity, purchases are likely to have an impact on your budget. A lower minimum order makes it easier for you to approach the required amount. Doing so can avoid unnecessary excesses. Even better, it reduces other additional costs, such as freight.

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