What qualities should a good yiwu agent possess

    2019-03-08 16:47:35

    A good yiwu agent can let you work twice the effort with half the effort. Most of the time, the factors that influence the success of purchasing are people. Therefore, when we communicate with the agent of yiwu, we can pay attention to whether he has the following characteristics.

    The balance between price and quality

    We've all heard this one before: cheap is not good. There is a balance between price and quality. How to grasp this balance, is a yiwu agent must have the characteristics. I understand that amazon sellers have different requirements when purchasing goods in China. A good agent in yiwu needs to fully understand these needs, as well as sufficient experience. He also needs to have a good understanding of suppliers, so that they can achieve a balance between price and quality in a shorter time.

    2. Professional knowledge

    A good agent in yiwu is more than a simple quotation. He needs to have a full understanding of the products he sells, including price differences, advantages and disadvantages, and relevant certificates required for import and export. Good salesmen can let you do simple multiple-choice questions. When you choose the agent in yiwu, you can ask the salesman some technical questions first, which can help you make a better choice.

    3. Communication efficiency

    Your time is very valuable, so good communication skills are also a salesman must have. In international trade, communication mainly relies on email, but the time difference is a troublesome thing, so in order to complete your purchase in China more efficiently, you can use WeChat. At the same time, cultural differences may cause problems in your communication. Finding a company that understands cultural differences can help you make your purchases smoother.

    4. The sense of responsibility

    Everyone knows the importance of responsibility. Since we can't touch the product, there are differences in culture, and the distance is very far, so there may be problems. At this time, the role of yiwu agent is particularly important, especially when we import products from China for the first time. A good agent in yiwu should have a good attitude, quick response and clear mind when facing problems, so as to minimize everyone's loss.

    To sum up, a good agent in yiwu is the key to a successful business. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes practice.