How to find a suitable Chinese purchasing agent

    2019-03-13 15:04:44

    Importing from China is still the secret of your business success, but you may have some problems in the process of importing, you may consider to find a Chinese purchasing agent. Below we will help you solve these two problems in detail.

    If you import from China, you may find the following problems

    1. Language barrier and poor communication

    The cultural differences between China and the west are obvious, and the Internet era helps us deepen our understanding. But language barriers and poor communication are still big problems for beginners. Cultural differences are common, and some suppliers may not understand your ideas and will not put forward any opinions. This is the implicit culture of China. They feel that some things don't have to be said so clearly, that you should be able to understand. That's when the headaches start. A Chinese purchasing agent can help you solve these problems. They know the supplier's idea very well.

    2. Poor quality and delayed delivery

    Many times, the products manufactured cannot meet the requirements of quality and delivery time. Manufacturers can make mistakes in design and production for a variety of reasons. Poor communication may cause this problem or other reasons. So you need a good China as much as possible to help you avoid this problem in the first place. If problems do arise, they can help you better solve them.

    3. The high moq and quotation are over budget

    It is in the manufacturer's interest to have a higher MOQ and unit price. It is common for the factory to ask for a MOQ that is much higher than your production plan, or that the price per unit is much higher than your budget. Trading companies get smaller MOQ's and unit prices. They have more experience in foreign trade and deal with more factories, which is their advantage.

    What else can a good Chinese purchasing agent do for you

    1.Factory audit and validation

    We have 20 years of experience in foreign trade and know about 20,000 suppliers. We can help you with factory audit and verification very soon.

    2.Respond to bilingual customer support

    Sellersunion group has 1000 employees. English is an important standard for us to select employees. So you don't need to worry about our English.

    3.Quality control and product inspection

    It is important to have someone in China to monitor production and consolidate your order. From raw material procurement, production planning monitoring, quality control to final inspection, our job is to ensure that the final delivery meets customers' requirements on quality and time.


    Given our 20 years in foreign trade, our employees have mastered the art of negotiating with suppliers. In mass production, you can always count on us for better prices and fewer units.

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    Sellersunion Online, It is an integrated trade service platform created by Sellers Union Group. We're specialized in the export of the daily products and providing abundant daily products resources and integrated trade Relying on its services, Sellers Union Group's experience and resources of 20 years in foreign trade industry, We're programming to set up an online products library of a certain scale. Our target is collect 15,000 suppliers and 500,000 products, Meanwhile we will update the information of suppliers and products. As well as eliminate the outdated ones so as to make them remain competitive. We are your eyes in China to search and find products and suppliers.

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