How do novices pick your products to sell on amazon

    2019-03-14 16:04:49

    Even if you have never worked for AMAZON, you may have considered starting your own business at AMAZON or looking for AMAZON FBA sourcing service to wholesale Chinese products. But first you have to find a profitable product, so how do you find it? Sellersunion online thinks you can start with the following in person.

    Find your passion

    When you're interested in something, you want to know about it. The more you know, the better you will do. First you know what your future customers like. You also know what your competitors are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. That way you'll be way ahead of the average person. What's more, because you're interested, you'll be more passionate about your work.

    Choose the right product for your industry

    When choosing a product, don't neglect your current industry. If you have experience with kitchen products, consider selling them on amazon. You know the kitchen stuff. It's an advantage you can't throw away. It's better than selling products blindly.

    Observe life

    If you're new, you don't have much industry experience or a field of interest. Then you have to be good at observing life and looking for information. Don't worry, there are many success stories.

    Think about the inconveniences you have in your life, and then make sure that a lot of people have them, and you look for products based on that.

    Go to the store near you and see what sells. When you see a product, think more about whether you like it or not.

    You can collect information from the following ways

    A. lose yourself on amazon

    Doing business at amazon, amazon research is a must. Combine your own ideas and browse amazon to find different categories. If you already have an idea, check out amazon to verify it.

    Web celebrity, blogs, widgets and trending sites

    If you have identified the general direction of the product. You can look for web celebrity, blogs that are good in your industry. Then pay attention to more attention, may help you find the product category

    C. trade shows

    There are hundreds of trade shows in the world. Such as the Canton fair. If you have the opportunity, you can come to China to conduct research, meet with suppliers, check the products, and discuss the price, model and other details. I'm sure you'll have a good idea soon.

    D. purchasing website

    Go shopping website more, see a few novel things, see can catch your eyeball, can solve the problem in your life. Such as sale online and alibaba.

    E. Social media and search engines

    Take a look at social media to see what's trending. We can also go to search engines at the same time, for example, what are the popular colors of 2019 interior decoration, so that you can know which colors to choose.

    F. Ask your AMAZON FBA sourcing service  what products are currently popular

    This is applicable to the company that already provides AMAZON FBA sourcing service for you. With rich import and export experience, they may have a better understanding of supplier dynamics and a keen eye for popular products.