Let's Exercise with Skipping Rope

    2019-03-29 11:53:00

    When it comes to fitness, skipping can be a good choice! Skipping is a good choice for aerobic exercise in high-intensity interval training or cycling training. The boxer will skip the rope for a few minutes (aerobics), but if you just started to understand the sport, you can jump for 30 seconds each time to see how it feels. 
    What kind of skipping rope do you need?
    In the beginning, any skipping rope is fine. If you are planning to buy a skipping rope for fitness, you can choose to mix the slim jump rope that fitness and boxers love. The thinner the skipping rope, the shorter the time it takes to swing the skipping rope. 

    Let's Exercise with Skipping Rope
    What length does the skipping rope need?
    Stand in the middle of the jump rope and pull the handle up to the shoulder. The height of the top of the handle should be approximately below the armpit. For beginners, longer skipping is fine, but if you want to swipe quickly, it's best to choose a skipping rope that is slightly below the height of your armpit. 
    What do you need to do after jumping rope?
    Try to jump for 30 seconds, then take a break. If you are still doing push-ups, skipping is a good way to make your heart beat quickly during each interval. 
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