Let's Choose the Delicate Plates for the Kitchen

    2019-03-29 13:56:36

    A study shows that diets rich in fish, fruits and vegetables can help women fight wrinkles. People who eat the most of these three foods have fewer wrinkles, which means that these foods can replace creams and are cheaper, but the same diet has no effect on men's skin.
    A research team conducted a questionnaire survey of 2,700 men and women over the age of 50 and then performed a 3D facial scan on them. If women don't smoke, do sunscreen, and eat healthily, they are less likely to wrinkle. Those who eat a lot of meat, sugar and saturated fat, as well as alcohol, look awkward.

    Let's Choose the Delicate Plates for the Kitchen
    Scientists believe that supplementing the body with vitamins and flavonoids stimulates the growth of collagen, a fiber that keeps the skin elastic and tight. Women's skin is usually thinner, which may make it easier to wrinkle longer, so if women eat more of these three foods, may be able to effectively help reduce wrinkles on their skin.
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