Import from China, do you consider custom packing?

    2019-04-04 15:08:01

    1. Why do we need custom packaging?

    In the process of acting as an agent in yiwu, Sellersunion Online found that customers who customized the packaging of their products sold better. Packaging is great for custom products packaging is great for startups and small businesses. They can create their own brands without the complicated, time-consuming and expensive product development process. All you have to do is pick a supplier and be ready to sell quality products to your target customers. Then you can cover it with your own wrapping; Print your company logo on the packaging and sell these products to the market. This will enable your brand to quickly gain popularity and success in the local market. , of course, there are still a lot of suppliers, no point should think of the packing products. They use original designs and packaging to sell their products to customers. Sometimes these products are sold with other company information on the box. Therefore, custom packaging is very necessary.

    2. Is custom packaging expensive?

    Many traders consider packaged products very expensive and custom packaging is only suitable for very large orders. Is that actually the case? Custom packaging is cheap even for very small orders in China. Sometimes for some products, the supplier may not provide any packaging for the products; Or you don't like the packaging. In both cases, you will need to find a printing company or factory to produce your packaging and send it to the product factory.

    3.. How to customize the packaging?

    The process of customizing the packaging is very simple. First, you can search the Internet to find out how other companies package their products. With some knowledge, you can ask the designer to design the package to your satisfaction. Find a printing company to print. Wenzhou, zhejiang province, commonly known as the "printing city of China." There are a number of printing suppliers, many of which offer very small print services.

    If you find this troublesome, you can also directly ask Sellersunion Online to help you contact suppliers and printing companies to package your products, saving time and effort.