How to Make a Thank You Card

    2019-04-25 16:46:39

    Sending a handmade thank you card is a great way to thoughtfully recognize what someone else has done for you. You can make a lot of different types of cards, from ones with calligraphy greetings to painted cards or even collaged ones. After you've crafted your thank you card, write a meaningful, sincere note on the inside before delivering it to the recipient. It may only take 10 minutes to make a card, but your thoughtfulness will mean a lot to the person who receives it.
    Cut paper with scalloped shears to make decorative edges. Cut all the edges of the actual card itself to make its edges into a different shape, or use them to make other parts of the card look more unique. For example, if you have a square of white paper to glue to the card to write your message in, cut it out with the scalloped shears—it'll look a little fancier than straight edges would. There are lots of differently-patterned scissors you can use.
    Form a pretty border on your card using washi tape. Take your washi tape of choice and cut off pieces that are long enough to create a border across the length and width of the card. Carefully line them up so they're even with the edges of the card, press them down firmly, and trim off any excess tape.

    Create a collage from magazine cut-outs to make a unique design. This is a great way to make a really personalized card for someone. Gear the card toward the person's personality and cut out images that remind you of them, or make the card “thank you” centric by cutting out words and images that remind you of gratitude.
    Cut out shapes to adorn the front of the card for a pretty design. Hearts, stars, flowers, circles, or squares can make a nice visual effect on the front of a card. Use colored cardstock to cut out multiples of a single image and then glue them to the front of the card.
    Use paints or watercolors to create a vibrant, unique card. You could paint the person's name on top of a stunning multi-colored background, or make a dreamy sky-scape with clouds, a sun, and birds. The options are endless.
    If you're going to mail the card, make sure the paper is completely dry before you put it into an envelope.